Meet Emma!

Your new AI-powered learning chatbot.

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Emma can help every team in your organization.

Give your organization an edge with the learning chatbot that's designed to engage and understand your users. Emma is looking forward to bringing your training and development program to life. As a high IQ chatbot, she can already understand natural language and answer questions from her experience. But, with every interaction, she will get smarter and become even more helpful. Think of her as that go-to coworker every team wants. And now, she's ready to go to work for you.

  • Learning Coach

    Learning Coach

    Emma is the first bot to introduce the concept of ENQUIRY BASED LEARNING that allows users to state their problems to find solution options. She uses advanced cognitive learning capabilities to learn from user conversations and behaviors to recommend high personalized learning

  • Career Coach

    Career Coach

    Emma can double up as a career coach and can help plan, manage and forecast careers. It uses millions of profile data to map career trajectory to suggest most optimal career paths by triangulating user aspirations & career vision; user's career history and expertise and most popular career trends.

  • Performance Coach

    Performance Coach

    Emma can use data and discovery frameworks to understand users' strengths and areas of improvement. She then user a combination of coaching techniques to motivate users, plan for performance, get commitment on action timelines and follows through to keep users on track.

  • On-boarding Coach

    On-boarding Coach

    Emna can be the best buddy for your new hires. She can help with HR, Finance, Technology and facilities orientation. She can also provide cultural and business process orientation. Connect them with important people and also help them with mandatory compliance training.

How is Emma different from other solutions?

She's a true team player and here to help, but she's not going to bring
you coffee.

Conversational Learning

Helps drive deeper understanding of content via engaging dialogs.

Scheduled follow ups

Helps learns complete training by pinging users during times they are most likely to respond.

Practice Engine

Helps learners master topics via role plays, flash quizzes and links to projects

Application based learning

Helps users apply learning by helping identify application opportunities and then following up routinely till mastery is achieved.

Insight Driven Learning

Uses performance data, manager feedback data, social media data to provide personal insights, personalized action triggers.

Peer Learning

Connects to subject matter experts, successful peers and coaches,. Emma also listens in to conversations with user permission to build her own knowledge base.

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Our chatbot can integrate with most apps your organization already uses. Now, learning can keep up with users, not the other way around.

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